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"You've Got to See This to Believe It...
Product That Made Me OVER $7 MILLION!"

From the desk of Trent Steele
Monday, February 25th 2019 09:35 a.m

Just shy of 13 months ago, I received a call from my buddy Frank...

Now, Frank is a business partner in an event management and info publishing business I run in Europe.

"Dan...", he starts. "There's this Australian dude I've signed up to speak at our November gig. You HAVE to meet this guy, he's got something really special."

Blah, blah, I thought.

Frank tends to gets excited easy. (Although admittedly, often with just cause.) This wasn't his first enthusiastic phone call, and I didn't expect it to be his last. What was it this time? Some guy is making a few bucks on SEO? PPC arbitrage? Found a new way to shift more on eBay? Making a killing with Adsense?

Whatever. I couldn't give two monkeys, to be honest with you.

We already had a decent line-up for the London event -- and at this rate, the darn thing would go on for FIVE solid days instead of the three we had scheduled. Not that I cared much... we always put on an excellent spread and between that and the wine bars in Notting Hill, I'd keep myself occupied.

But 3 days in a conference room? Urgh. That was already pushing it.

More?! No, thanks.

The last thing I needed was another meet-and-greet with someone trying to cash in on the seminar circuit. "I'll meet the guy," I said, "But this better be something VERY special. We're running out of stage space!"

"I promise, you're gonna love this... but stick around after the show, because this gig is really just a way for me to test him out. He has something else to show us, for our eyes only."

Fair enough. I promised a friend I'd take them out that weekend in London anyhow, so I knew I'd be around. I gave Frank the obligatory show of enthusiasm, and forgot about the whole thing about 6 seconds later.

Enter Stage Left: "Mr C" ...

Now, before I get to the guts of this story, I should let you know that "Mr C" is not this guy's real name. We changed it, for reasons that will become obvious in a few short paragraphs.

The LAST thing this guy needs is publicity... he's making far too much money for that.

So, I shot down to London in my Skyline GTR (you really didn't need to know that bit, granted, but I like showing off), met up with Frank, let him chew my ear off about his ex-wife for 5 minutes, then spied a smiling, lanky-looking character in the corner of the venue that Frank had chosen for this evening's shenanigans.

(I should point out that this all went down at the WORST Italian restaurant I've ever had the displeasure of eating at. Seriously, Italy would be in mourning over this stuff. For legal reasons, I can't give names, and would be advised by my attorney, no doubt, that a big, red sign reading 'Don't eat here!' written in paint on their windows doesn't quality as 'a public service announcement'... although I beg to differ. Frank still, to this day, takes all of his London friends there. And later wonders why they all make last-minute excuses as to why they can't make dinner.)


I hovered over to the smily new avatar, shook what introduced itself as Mr. C's hand, flipped open the lid of my laptop, and after some cursory pleasantries, fired up my copy of TextMate (that's like Notepad, but for cool people who own Macs) on the off-chance that what he was about to spill in his introductory spiel was worth jotting down.

It's at this point in a letter like this, that I'm supposed to tell you about the secret wisdom he imparted that forever changed my life.

You know, that wouldn't actually be far from the truth... Things DID change direction, in my business at least, from that moment on. But what do you care?

So I'll stick to the raw facts...

Mr. C, hereinafter known as Will Clarkson, was a 28 year old dude, of Australian extraction.

He looked, talked and acted like he'd just shook off the Sydney sands after a day at the beach... and I imagined that would be his daily routine, if he didn't reside on a farm outside of London. (He's since moved... and I can tell you for a FACT that the above is exactly what he does every day.)

Although he was well-spoken, clearly intelligent and eager to talk shop (I respect people who don't BS about their motives), he was very laid-back. And he'd earned the right to be. What I discovered was...

He'd built a �5 million pound property
portfolio out of thin air... in 7 months!

It turns out, after landing in London a few years ago on a $2 charity raffle win that yielded a free airline ticket, without a bean in his pocket and only a friend's couch in Shepherd's Bush to call home, he'd cracked some kinda 'property code' that allowed him to buy free houses.

Yeah, I know... that's what I thought, too. "How in the hell..."

Long story short, he'd found a 'loophole' in the financial market that, when combined with a pretty tasty lead-gen system he'd put together on the web for finding distressed sellers, allowed him to quickly cobble together a multi-million pound portfolio of high value houses that was fronted ENTIRELY by other people's money.

(Stay with me here. Yes - I know we're in a recession! This system applies now more than ever.)

Anyway, it was sexy stuff... enough to salivate the chops of any capitalist. Especially one like me.

So I did the smart thing...
I stole his system!

Okay, 'stole' is not entirely way accurate. Maybe I'm just trying to sensationalize an otherwise very simple story. And man, what happened WAS simple, I have to tell ya. It was all so damn easy.

A better word is 'copied'.

With permission too, I'll add. For the next few weeks, Frank and I followed Mr. C's system to the letter... and used our mad Internet skills (and boy, are they ever mad) to tweak the lead-gen aspect of this strategy to squeeze the market dry. (It turns out, we didn't quite squeeze it dry... there was MUCH more demand that we anticipated... at best, we left it incredibly moist.)

The result?

Within 6 weeks, the portfolio
ballooned �480,000 in value

And that, dear reader, was the feat of two property nobodies that had never wired a plug between them... let alone shifting ownership on entire homes and estates.

We closed four "deals" within six weeks.

All with a simple website, a few hours credit clocked with Skype on the blower, and a few signatures on some official looking paper.

Now, I have no clue what that works out at per hour (the 'slave mentality' of assessing one's own value) but with over �180,000 in equity (the difference between what we paid - or rather, what the banks paid for us - and what the house is actually worth) in the space of a handful of phone calls and about �3,000 on Google ads... I'd say that was a good result.

That's all I needed to see to put a big, fat mental check-mark in the 'Things that make money' column in my head... And that gave me the confidence to sell the strategy en masse to people who might actually pay money to learn it.


We locked the door for 6 months,
and got to work.

Remember I told you me and Frank ran an event and info publishing business?

Well, Frank's idea was to get this dude on stage at our own events, and have him sell packages and mentoring at the back of the room. At that point, we didn't give a stuff about the property... we sold info products; it was in our nature to think in terms of e-books and courses and seminars.

We figured we could make a good �500K a year from that...

Which is our entry level for being interested in pretty much anything these days.

The first task was to get Mr. C to commit his knowledge to ink. That took a good 4 months; the result, a 140 page no-BS guide to buying property for free in this down market economy/recession/melt-down/whatever-the-heck-this-world-is-going-through.

(That's right. It's totally up-to-date, even in today's market - let me assure you!)

In the meantime, I was busy polishing the lead generation websites ... and churning 20-30 new phone numbers a day, of distressed sellers who were BEGGING us (in some cases, literally) to take their properties off their hands for pennies on the pound.

The funny thing was, we were making a ton of money using these leads to inflate our OWN portfolios... which made the notion of selling these leads (our original plan) or negotiating them and bringing a ready-made, packaged home deal to the table (our 2nd thought) seem a little silly in the end.

In fact, before we had even taken the system to market... literally, before we had finished the development, I worked out that...

I had made close to $7 million!

... from the leads alone!

Our own portfolio was worth over �5 million, which at the time, was some $10 million in US dollars.

The aim was to keep that long-term, expand for 5-7 years, and sell it off. Market rates all the way back to the mid-1950s indicate this will be worth DOUBLE when we finally sell it off.. which between my partners, leaves me with close to $7 million in profit.

My only cost was the PPC ads to generate the leads... a few thousand pounds, which the mortgages we were raising on the properties covered in the short term. I wasn't once out of pocket.

Anyway... I'm veering off course, here, because my point is not the leads.

Who cares how much money they made, or will make? I'm not telling you any of this for kicks.

The point is, after spending the better part of 2018 laying the groundwork, putting together the Property Crash Profits book and getting the lead systems ready for public consumption, I faced a very honest realization that...

I simply don't have time to sell it.

Honestly, I'm making too much money using the information, that selling it just isn't something I really want to spend the next while doing.

Processing payments, answering e-mails, building a list, writing PPC ads, getting affiliates... it's a lot of stuff for a new business.

Don't get me wrong, the Internet for me is NOT a 'new' business.

But what you probably don't know is, I actually sold TWO Internet businesses over the past couple of years, and all my lead and customer lists along with them.

Hundreds of thousands of customers.

I've made millions selling digital products, so I'm certainly no stranger... but putting in the legwork to start from scratch whilst forcing to reconcile my already-busy property acquisition schedule would be nuts.

It's like double-booking a flight. Sooner or later, you're gonna get complaints that someone has stolen your seat. You can't fit two people where there should be only one... and the same is true of my schedule.

So, I put some thought into it, and it made no sense to let it sit and rust.

Almost the whole of 2018 was eaten up by this project... and the full-time efforts of 3 people, who already make money hand-over-fist from the Internet, was invested into building it.

Suffice to say...

It's like gold... in the right hands.

So here's the deal.

I don't have time to sell this. But, if your game is selling on the Internet... maybe you do.

I'm giving away full rights to adopt, sell and keep 100% of the profits on each and every sale of "Property Crash Profits," to a limited number of exclusive licensees.

That number is 50. Five-O. FIFTY. No more.

Whether you want to pick apart at the content and spurn a whole new brand... or... just stick up the sales letter and send your list an e-mail to go have a poke there for a quick ROI, you're free to profit from it however you're best placed to.

But that's not all.

For one special class of people (special because they pay me more money), I'm chucking in the ENTIRE platform we were gonna use to sell the thing... including details of the the lead generation sites that pull in distressed sellers, who's details you can sell to a broker at $50 (�25) a pop.

So, here are your simple options...

Standard resale rights: $297 US

  • COMPLETE, ready-to-run copy of Property Crash Profits. This is our 140-page tactical that forms the flagship. We were going to put this out at �47 a pop. It would have been our bread-and-butter... the core of our strategy. You can sell it at whatever price you want (that's the beauty of 'no price fixing' laws!). You'll get the book in both PDF and Word format, and you're welcome to modify the material to suit your needs.
  • The $25,000 sales pitch to sell it. Why $25K? Because that's what I'd charge, MINIMUM, to write it if you hired me. And I'll be honest... I'd only take you on if times got really, really desperate. I wrote this pitch myself, just like I wrote the letter you're reading now... this isn't some outsourced jobby from an freelance writer who hasn't earned two pennies to scratch his posterior with. I've sold MILLIONS of dollars worth of product online with nothing more than Notepad, and the words I bash into my keyboard. This is the genuine article, my friend. I spent WEEKS writing this thing (vs. the half-assed morning I put into THIS letter now :-)
  • Professionally designed website + graphics to host the letter. 'Professional' is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to 99% of the web. All the fancy-pants graphics in the world won't do squat if you don't have the words to sell it. You get both. This site was made by my good friend Vaughan Davidson, one of the original and BEST mini-site designers to have ever graced the web. The guy must be 90 years old... he's been around on the web forever, designing some of the highest converting sites out there. But I'm not ageist. His work is killer.
  • Check out a preview of the product site. Visit, the ONLY live site on the Internet right now offering the guide. We'll take this website down shortly: it's only there to demonstrate the product. Remember we'll only be offering 50 resale rights, NO MORE. Most resellers will never do anything with this product. YOU can! Grab it NOW. Dominate the MARKET.


MASTER resale rights: $997 US

This is the best package. With this baby, you get EVERYTHING ABOVE, PLUS...

  • The right to sell this very same resale package for $297, and MASTER resale rights for $997 (or any price you want). You get to duplicate exactly what I'm doing now... selling the product rights. Instead of selling PCP alone for the RRP of �47, you can make TEN TIMES that selling these rights... in any quantity.
  • Permission to use this letter to sell resale rights (and to sell it on to your 'Master Resale Rights' holders). Just one proviso: Don't use my name. I don't endorse any promotions engaged in without my presence. Sorry, I don't know your customers and cannot vouch for them. You'll need to use YOUR name when selling this. Incidentally, anyone caught using my name will need to budget, in their resale rights fee, the cost of liaising with my attorney. And he ain't cheap. So please - just don't.

.... Alright, so that's it.

I'm not going to bullshit you with the pricing. No time limited rah-rah, no sale prices, no twisting your arm. It either makes sense to you, or it doesn't.

Look, if you stick to the �47 RRP (and it's up to you what you sell it at), it'll take you somewhere in the region of 11 sales to break even.

If that's going to be a struggle, then this probably isn't for you.

It'd be easier to wait for one of my resale holders (who is making money hand-over-fist) to set up an affiliate program, and join the thing for free.

If, on the other hand, you have a list, or can navigate a decent PPC campaign and build one... or even if you see value in the lead gen and want to explore that further... you're probably a lot better equipped to take advantage of this NOW before the masses rush in.

Let's be honest, these resale gigs are never good forever. Sooner or later, someone comes along and knocks 80% off the price and starts flogging it on eBay. When I've bought resale rights in the past, I'd say there's a 2-3 month window of opportunity to sell gung-ho and make a killing before the herd get to it.

So the stage is set.

I'm only selling 50 and then I'll take this page down for good... and leave it in the (hopefully) capable hands of the Master resale holders. Buy quick, and you can even compete with me. Go on, I dare ya.

Buy now.

Right now, there are three camps of people reading this:

  1. Those that don't like the product, the offer, the price, the font of my text, the tone of my words, or something else. They will probably have gone already. If you're still reading, thanks for stopping by... and have yourself a great day.

  2. Those who are interested, but have more questions.

  3. Those who have heard enough, and want to buy in right now.

If you're in the latter of that group, place your secure order with us RIGHT NOW.

I'm promoting this site through a few of my pals (all of whom are excluded from buying Master Resale Rights from me... the friend that I am) and I could sell out fairly quick... so go for it.

You'll receive your order within just minutes in the first run batch that'll be ready to ship in about a week from now.

If you still have questions, there's a Big-Ass FAQ below that hopefully answers them.

If not, drop me an e-mail (please, please, PLEASE change this to YOUR OWN e-mail if you order Master rights... I cannot, and will not, provide customer support beyond this offer... period.)

So that's it then.



Dan Strauss, "The Property Man"
Director, WCCL Network

PS � I know times are tough, you've just had Christmas, and - oh yeah - there's this big 'economic melt-down' thing people keep talking about. So I'm gonna throw you a bone. If it makes sense, you can spread the payment OVER THREE MONTHS... and still sell the thing from day one.

Just select the appropriate option in the order box below. Thassit. Go to it.

What level of rights do you want?

REGULAR resale rights ($297) � This entitles you to sell the 'Property Crash Profits' course (or variants of it) and keep 100% of the profits. You can sell this as a digital product using the PDF we send to you, or edit it, or get our supplier to print it for you. It's totally up to you! 

MASTER RESALE RIGHTS ($997) � This the mack-daddy of resale rights. You can sell the product AND the rights/master rights, and keep 100% of whatever you want to charge. You'll receive the full digital version of Property Crash Profits, plus a stack of certificates to sell the resale rights. You'll also receive FULL source code to our lead generators... an asset that's worth at least the cost of master rights alone.

How would you like to pay?

I want to pay NOW! (And save $99!) � let me pay upfront, with NO further costs to pay. I understand that this reduces your administrative burden of chasing payments... and you'll pass those savings directly onto me. Therefore, I only pay whatever level of resale rights I've selected above.

Let me pay in THREE (3) installments � I would rather pay over 3 months. I understand you'll simply split the payment three ways, and I'll pay 1/3rd now, another 1/3rd in 30 days time, and the final 1/3rd in 60 days. I will be charged $33 extra per month to cover the admin charges.

Click below to place your secure order:

"The Big-Ass FAQ."

If you still have questions, read on!

Obviously, I don't know you. Maybe you're totally familiar with resale rights, and this offer makes perfect sense. But if you're left scratchin' your crust thinking 'What the...?' to any question, I've answered the most common issues I can think of below.

If there's anything that I've missed, shoot me an e-mail and I'd be happy to steer you in the right direction. Just to contact us.

�What exactly is the product?�

It's a book called Property Crash Profits, written by our resident expert, Mr. C.

In its 140 pages, it shares the strategy for capitalizing on the current economic situation (or 'Property Crash', as the title aptly suggests) and purchasing property in the United Kingdom with no money down.

As a rights holder, you'll receive the PDF version, ready for you to sell straight to your customers. You'll also have access to the original material, so you can edit it in any way you desire - or send it to our printers to get it physically printed, too.

You can view a temporary "preview site" online at This is the only site of it's kind in existence right now.

�What's the market?�

From a very niche perspective, the market is budding property investors in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) who want to get a leg-up on a strategy that works today, in 2019, for making money with residential real estate.

From a more mainstream outlook, it's anyone who is getting killed by the economic downturn and wants to protect their future (and perhaps, that of their family) by acquiring assets that have a tendency to multiply in value - to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds - over a number of years.

The strategy shared in Property Crash Profits requires no money down, and is designed for the amateur investor. It charts the course Mr. C himself used to build a �5 million portfolio from pocket change, and the desire to cease being skint.

It's also the strategy Frank and me used to add to those efforts, by closing our own deals in a matter of weeks.

�I'm American! Is this product UK-only?�

The product was designed for a UK audience. The market over here for GOOD property investing info is huge.

The techniques shared within, although applicable in many cases to just about any real estate market in the world, have a UK slant and bias.

If you're an American marketer (or anything other than British!), then why not expand your scope and diversify a little with a UK-centric product?

The UK is a HUGE marketplace with intelligent, varied buyers, all sporting credit cards waiting to be used! The economic pressures have gotten everyone thinking about their job stability, and looking elsewhere for additional sources of revenue.

Why not tap into that?

Put it this way... three of us spent the better part of 2008 laying the foundation for this product, and only one of us is British - me! (And NOT ONE of us lives in the UK... I'm probably further from the UK than you are.)

The same IM strategies apply in the UK as they do in the US, or any other English speaking culture. They have Google Adwords UK. They have eBay. And I believe they even use e-mail. (It's true!). So there's no reason at all to discount a product based on its market... think globally, and profit internationally!

�Can I get a review copy of the product?�

If you want to review the product, visit our "test" website online at and purchase online.

Alternatively, buy a resale rights package, and you'll have 30 days to evaluate it risk-free.

We don't offer free review copies for one simple reason... if anyone could just ask for one, that wouldn't be fair on resale holders who are actively trying to sell it. A Google search would yield this page, and they'd just ask for it here.

If you purchase a review copy and then decide to go ahead and buy a resale package, we will, of course, refund your purchase price pronto.

�What if I buy rights and don't like the package?�

You get THIRTY (30) days from the moment you sign for your package at your front door to evaluate the contents, on our dime.

If you don't like what you see, you can return the whole lot right back to us -- and we'll simply sell it to someone else who is better placed to make a killing on it. You'll be refunded every penny.

If you start selling the guide however - that condition is void. You cannot return the package if you actively market it, and then figure out you don't actually know how to sell it. That's entirely your own risk. Don't order unless you're experienced making money online. The whole point is making a decent return on investment... otherwise, why bother?

�Are there any guarantees?�

Yes � you're guaranteed to get exactly what I've advertised on this page, sent to an address of your choosing, after we've received your order.

There are NO performance related guarantees of any kind. It's entirely up to you to sell it. We offer no after-sales or marketing support of any kind, to either you or your customers... so turning your investment into a money making is entirely your racket, not ours.

�How much money can I make?�

As much as you want!

When we send this package to you, the product is yours to sell. You get 100% of the proceeds of your sales. I repeat... you are free to sell this however you want, and keep absolutely every penny for yourself.

I can't guarantee how much you'll earn (How could I? There are about 8 billion variables to that equation, and they all start and end with you... who I don't know from Adam!)... But I can give you some basic figures based on our recommended retail price of �47.

Right now, the exchange is at $1.46 US for every �1 British Sterling. At that rate, your $297 US resell fee can be earned back in approximately 11 sales.

I don't know your skill level, but I know I could sell that many on eBay without breaking a sweat.... let alone if I had a mailing list to take advantage of, or a half-way decent PPC campaign.

If you purchase MASTER rights at $997, you'd only need to sell 3 basic resell packages to earn your money back.

Whatever your plan, you should view this as an investment. If you're smart and have some Internet sales under your belt, the return on investment could well be phenomenal... limited only by your application.

If the leave the box sat under your bed gathering dust, you'll make exactly $0. That I can guarantee!

�Why should I buy the rights and not just
become an affiliate later on?�

As an affiliate, you'll earn a percentage rate set by the product owner. That might be 25%. It might be 50%. Who knows?

As a resell holder, you'll keep ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%, baby) of the net profit... every, single, dime.

You'll also be one of the very first (if not the first) to sell it... we call that a 'market advantage', and it's what separates the early-bird winners with those left fighting over crumbs later on down the line.

It's a question of figures, really.

If you don't think you can sell more than 11 units at retail to recoup your investment, then by all means, wait for one of our resale holders to offer an affiliate program... and go promote that.

On the other hand, if you have a bit more ambition than that, bite the bullet and add a kick-ass product and sales pitch to your online portfolio.

�Are there really no royalties to pay... EVER?�

Nope! This is a one-time investment, and after that, the product is yours for life.

No profit sharing agreements... no annual licenses... no need to turn in any of your profits in some kind of Mafioso-style setting. It's all yours.

�Who owns the copyright to the work?�

Our MASTER resale holders do!

You can use and amend any portion of the work however you see fit. That includes quoting any/all of the work in your own products, if that's what you want to do.

Maybe you already sell a related product, and you just want to beef it up... or offer a killer side bonus.

Your resale rights entitle you to do that.

If you want to sell RIGHTS to do the same... then purchase our MASTER rights package.

That gives you the right to grant others the authority to go out and sell. You can charge $297 or even $997 for master rights, just as I am now.

Only our master rights holders have that power.

�What if I sell Master Rights anyway?�

Well, for one... We keep a Rottweiler in the basement of our office that's starved for at least 6 weeks, and set upon anyone who has the gall to over-step our (very generous) resale policies.

Usually, the last words those people hear is 'Sick 'em Max!' before shrieking in pain... and everything goes black.

I'm joking, of course(-ish). But the reality isn't far from that really. Just replaced 'Rottweiler' with 'Attorney', and you're not far off the mark.

Seriously, if you want to sell rights/master rights, then just pay for the damn privilege. It's very fairly priced. You'll also get a stack of certificates and 10x more of the product to get you started.

Since only master holders get 'master certificates', it's the only legal (and ethical) way to sell on the rights. If we find anyone selling this illegally, we'll cancel ALL your rights (and your customers... who will all be operating illegally).

There's such a thing as 'mob justice'... it wouldn't be too good for business, I imagine, if your customers are told they've shelled out money for a dud deal!

�How do I know I have legitimate rights?�

Since only Master Rights Holders sell Master Rights certificates, they are the only people who can print your rights certificate.

Each certificate requires the signature of the person who sold it... generating a fairly easy paper trail all the way back to us (the original seller).

If you don't get a certificate, or it isn't signed... don't accept it, and ask for an immediate refund!

�How long will delivery take?�

We'll complete your order within minutes of receiving your payment. (Or your first payment, if you're paying on a payment plan.)

Remember, the entire package is digital - and we'll aim to get it within you in under 10 minutes of your order coming through.

�How can I pay?�

We accept payment from any credit card, by check/cheque, or by PayPal.

Just click on the link to purchase and select the appropriate option.

�Is there a delivery charge?�

It's digital. So - no.

�Is my investment tax-deductible?�

Generally, if this is used for business, then yes � it's 100% tax deductible.

However, laws change from country to country and there's no way we could possibly know all of them... so check with your accountant to be sure.

�Is there any sales tax?�

Sometimes. If you live in the EU, VAT will be added at 15%. In the US, certain State taxes may be applied. Just click to check-out... you'll get a full breakdown of any local taxes before you commit to purchase.

�If I want to return the product, where do I send it?�

Just with us - and we'll sort it out.

We will ask that you send us a fax, stating you haven't sold any copies of the guide, or resale rights - and that you won't do so in future.

Once received, we'll do the rest and ensure you're prompted refunded every cent you paid.

�Who is Mr. C? What's his real name?�

"Mr C." is a pen name for our property contact.

In our original plan, when we were pegged to offer the product directly to the market place, Mr C. would have been at the forefront of that pitch... and made publicly available.

Now that we're quietly amassing a fortune in real estate, he would prefer to keep private - and we respect those wishes.

Pen names are a perfectly legal and in fact, totally common method of publishing information. Famous authors that all used a nom de plume include Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Stan Lee, George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Dr. Seuss, Voltaire. None of these were their real names... yet they all had written booked that sold in the millions.

Property Crash Profits is signed under the name Will Clarkson.

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